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Corporate Income Tax - 6.00%
Michigan levies a Single Business Tax (SBT), which is a modified value-added tax (VAT). The rate is 6.00% and there is an additional modified gross receipts tax at a rate of .8%. For 2015, The Tax Foundation ranked Michigan's corporate tax as 10th best in the nation, up from 49th in 2012. 

Personal Income Tax - 4.25%
Michigan's personal income tax rate is one of the lowest in the nation - a flat 4.25% tax rate that is scheduled to decline in the next few years.

Michigan Property Taxes - 65% / 23%
While tax rates vary by location, Michigan's property tax system provides automatic exemptions that effectively cut personal property taxes by:
  • 65% for industrial businesses
  • 23% for commercial businesses

Michigan's 2012 average non-homestead property tax rate was 49.54 mills, or $49.54 per $1,000 of assessed property, with real and personal property subject to taxation at 50% of current market value. Industrial personal property is automatically exempt from 24 mills for schools, and commercial personal property is exempt from 12 mills.

Michigan’s Sales Tax - 6%
The state sales tax is 6% on sales of tangible goods. No local sales taxes are allowed.

Tax Exempt Purchases

There is no state sales tax charged on:

  • Manufacturing machinery and equipment
  • Electricity and natural gas used in production
  • Pollution control equipment

Inventory Tax - 0%
Michigan has no inventory tax. 


Additional property tax abatements available to Michigan businesses include:
  • Locally-negotiated abatements, including 100% new real property exemptions available in specified communities
  • 50% abatements for up to 12 years on real property for industrial processors and high-tech companies

In 2014 Michigan reformed its personal property taxation:
  • Small taxpayer exemption - all industrial and commercial personal property owned by a business is exempt if the combined true cash value is less than $80,000
  • Eligible for exemption - Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property (EMPP) used at least 50% of the time in industrial processing or direct integrated support of industrial processing

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