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With more than 130 international companies, West Michigan is home to one of the most diverse markets in the nation. West Michigan companies make everything from cell phone components to software. Browsing through our company database will show you that if you need it designed, programmed or mass-produced, you'll find a partner here.

International Companies in West Michigan

The companies below are only a small sample of over 130 international companies that are located in West Michigan. To view the complete list, please download our International Company brochure. 
 Company  Country    Business Description
 Benteler Automotive Corp Germany Automotive tubular steel products manufacturer
 Bosch Emissions Systems Germany Fuel systems for large vehicles, military and locomotive
 Dematic Corp Luxemburg Engineering company specializing in material handling system automation
 Discastal North America China Aluminum wheel manufacturer for automotive industry
Gerber Products Company France Baby food and related products
Hutchinson Corporation France Mechanical rubber goods manufacturer
INglass Italy Design and fabrication of rotative, multicolor, and multicomponent molds for automotive lighting
LG Chem South Korea Rechargeable batteries for electronics and autos
Siemens Germany Electrical engineering and electronics business
Magna Mirrors Canada Automotive interior and exterior mirrors and door handles
Suspa Inc.  Germany  Manufacturer of gas springs, dampers, and adjustment systems

Download the complete list of International Companies in West Michigan (PDF).

Right Place International Projects, 2013-2014
 Company  International Ownership  Jobs Created/Retained  New/Retained Payroll  Investment
 Stiles Machinery Germany 5 $500,000 $1,000,000
Teleperformance France 500 $11,820,000 $4,066,107
Battenberg Germany 1 $85,000 $12,000
Grand Rapids Inkjet Company United Kingdom 2 $100,000 $84,000
INglass Italy 109 $3,358,368 $17,600,000
Dicastal North America China 300 $9,850,200 $140,000,000

German and Austrian Companies in West Michigan
 Company  Country  Business Description
 Benteler Aluminum Systems Michigan  Germany High-tech aluminum extrusion-based sub frames
Big Dutchman, Inc.   Germany Automated Poultry equip. & egg production systems
Bosch Emissions Systems  Germany Fuel systems for large vehicles, military and locomotive
Bucher Hydraulics, Inc.   Germany Expanded hydraulic systems product line
Dambach Lagersysteme Inc.   Germany Manufacturer of hand operated or power driven lifting, unloading machinery
enco2  Germany Waste and residual materials renewable energy
Envirotronics  Germany Industrial machinery testing laboratory
Lach Diamond, Inc.   Germany Specialized cutting tools manufacturer for furniture industry
MAHLE Behr Industry America L.P.  Germany Refridgeration and heating equipment
OMT-Veyhl USA  Germany Office furniture table legs and table bases manufacturer
SAF-Holland Germany Truck and trailer components manufacturer
Siemens Germany Electrical engineering and electronics business
TGW-ERMANCO, Inc.  Austria Conveyors and conveying equipment  manufacturer
United Logic Austria Relay and industrial control manufacturing for furniture industry

Download the complete list of German & Austrian Companies in West Michigan (PDF).