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MMTC-West Growth, Diversification and Innovation Services

West Michigan’s leading manufacturers know the key to growth is diversifying your customer base while adding value to those you already serve. MMTC Growth Diversification and Innovation Services, provide proven, measurable tools to help you understand your current strengths, prioritize areas for improvement, identify new markets, and spur innovation within your company. To learn more about our services, or to work with us on a customized project tailored to your needs, contact us.

90-Day Tactical Market Diversification Program
MMTC’s Market Diversification program assists your company in aligning its core competencies and strengths with new markets and customers, leading to increased sales and sustainable growth. An experienced member of MMTC Growth Services group will lead your company’s “New Business Development Team” during a 90-day period of on-site training and consulting. Your team will gain valuable new skills and tools to deliver short- and longer-term results. Learn More.

Strategic Market Diversification Program
Forward-thinking business leaders regularly evaluate their products, capabilities, and customers. In today’s rapidly changing economy, businesses must identify new markets and new products efficiently and effectively. This requires good knowledge and tools. This program is based on proven sales, marketing, and planning principles which use information on the customer, company objectives and resources, and competitors to create a focused plan that will differentiate your organization in the marketplace. Learn More.

Innovation Management Workshop
Learn how to dramatically improve the way your firm identifies opportunities and turns them into innovative new products and services. We will look at a summary of the key principles of innovation focusing on how to apply theory and proven best practices to your business needs. You will leave the workshop with tools you can put to use the next day. You will learn:
  • the key principles of innovation
  • an Innovation Business Process that will enable you to effectively manage innovation and develop your management team to become highly effective managers of innovation
  • how to design and implement structured reviews of innovation opportunities and track progress on those opportunities so that innovation is encouraged and supported
  • how to design and implement an innovation management matrix to manage the prioritization of your innovation opportunities and track progress on key opportunities
  • how to set innovation performance improvement goals
  • how to measure progress on your innovation goals
  • how to identify and support champions in your firm.
Contact us to learn more.

Leading an Innovative Organization Workshop
Some organizations will buy their innovation capability by partnering with new product design firms who provide the ideas, prototypes, and final models. While its employees work to implement those ideas. Other organizations consider their own employees a key source of both ideas and implementation. These organizations work relentlessly to uncover the potential of their employees by helping them learn how to both improve and innovate on an ongoing, evolving basis. This session includes:
  • Part I – The Quest for Innovation
  • Part II – Designing the System
  • Part III – Fuelling the System Contact us to Learn More
Contact us to learn more.

Create and Innovate with Eureka!
Do you ever wonder how great companies like Nike, Procter & Gamble, Hewlett Packard, and Disney deliver one innovative idea after another? They all follow the Eureka! System of disciplined idea engineering. MMTC-West has partnered with Eureka! creator Doug Hall to bring this proven process to West Michigan manufacturers. Use this and other Right Place/MMTC-West Innovation tools to measurably increase your innovation competency, objectively evaluate the commercial potential of each idea, and turn your creativity into increased profits. Contact us to learn more.

Eureka Winning Ways!
Led by Eureka!-certified MMTC manufacturing experts, our Eureka! Winning Ways Program teaches you a Eureka! Innovation System customized to meet the specific needs of small to mid-sized manufacturers. In this dynamic program, you will use real data and real projects from your company as you apply these tools to create real cost savings and sales growth. Contact us to learn more.

Web Development Program
Turn your website into a lead generating machine using MMTC’s Web Development Program. Discover ways to enhance your website’s positioning on popular search engines, how to track traffic using online tools, and improve performance based on those findings. Develop the skills and processes to create dynamic content, and keep it relevant, current and easy to understand. Learn More.