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Lean Solutions

Increasing value. Reducing waste.

Speed. Accuracy. Efficiency. One of the most popular continuous improvement methods, Lean manufacturing provides the tools and methodology for manufacturers to meet demand while increasing productivity, capacity and profit margins.

A Lean Enterprise produces more with existing resources by eliminating non-value added activities. With increasing global competition, Lean manufacturers work to eliminate overproduction caused by traditional scheduling systems and only make what customers want when they want it.

 Benefits of Lean include: reduced cycle time, reduced inventory, reduced work-in-process, increased capacity, improved lead times, increased productivity, improved quality and increased profits.

Custom Lean Training
While MMTC offers a variety of Lean training solutions, your individual needs might not fit any preconfigured solution. To maximize your investment in Lean training, we offer on-site customized programs and consulting services based on your specific needs. To learn more about our custom solutions or other Lean programs and services, contact us.

Lean Executive Training
A Lean leadership approach reduces risks, provides a process for decision-making, prioritizes goals and action plans, and sets an example for the rest of the organization. MMTC’s Lean Executive workshop provides a company with the business case, costs, challenges, and a transformation plan prioritized to achieve significant and sustainable operational improvements. Learn More (PDF).

Lean Manufacturing Boot Camp
Lean is part of an integrated suite of tools and services developed specifically for manufacturers. At this workshop you'll learn the principals of Lean manufacturing and how to apply them. During the simulation exercises as a member of the production team for a small manufacturer, you'll apply Lean concepts such as standardized work, visual signals, batch-size reduction, pull systems, and more. Experience firsthand how Lean improves quality, reduces cycle time, improves delivery performance and profitability. Contact us to learn more.

BeyondTotal Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Through a well planned, 5-day Rapid Improvement Event, MMTC enables companies to see their waste in the current maintenance processes and provide proven solutions for rapid improvement. Planned maintenance activities are an opportunity to save time and money. MMTC shows clients how to transform the view of traditional maintenance as a cost burden into a nimble customer and cost focused service provider. Learn More (PDF).

Production Preparation Process (3P)
Production Preparation Process is often referred to as “design for manufacturability.” Starting with a clean development slate, 3P rapidly creates and validates potential product and process designs that require the least time, material, and capital resources. Learn More (PDF).

Lean Maintenance Excellence Strategy
MMTC’s Maintenance Excellence Strategy (MES) training program offers a comprehensive, hands-on approach to enable maintenance and reliability planners to access best practice methods and applications for their production equipment. Adopting an internal Maintenance Excellence Strategy helps your organization successfully implement proven techniques which eliminate waste and boost profits through lower costs and improved care of equipment and assets. Learn More (PDF).

Value Stream Costing
The flow of your organization processes defines your value stream. Whether the setting is the manufacturing floor or front office operations, the efficiencies of all processes are measurable. Time is money whether assigned to product, materials, engineering, design, or information flow. Applying Value Stream Costing identifies wastes and constraints in your current value stream, provides a framework to asses the value of each, and provides the data needed for objective decision making. Learn More (PDF).

Cost Identification and Control
Accurate costing data helps companies to set better selling prices, measure profit, value assets and manage the business based on true costs. The Activity-Based Costing (ABC) method allows businesses to gather data about their operating costs. Costs are assigned to specific activities—such as planning, engineering, or manufacturing—and then the activities are associated with different products or services. In this way, the ABC method enables a business to decide which products, services, and resources are increasing their profitability, and which are contributing to losses. From a one-day workshop to an on-site customized implementation, MMTC's activity based costing experts can provide the services you need. Learn More (PDF).

Lean Office Champion
As much as 70% of labor cost is attributed to operations outside the shop floor: activities including your service, support and administrative operations. MMTC's LEAN Office Champion training offers a comprehensive hands-on approach to teach team leaders how to identify opportunities for improvement, eliminating waste and increase profits. Learn More (PDF).

Six Sigma Training and Certification Programs
Graduates of this multi-level, classroom series provide the valuable skills professionals, teams and mentors need to tackle the toughest defect related problems confronting your organization. By coupling the proven DMAIC problem-solving methodology with robust statistical tools, Six Sigma offers a carefully defined roadmap for eliminating the errors and defects that can occur in just about every business process. Products include Black Belt, Green Belt, team member and mentor training. Learn More (PDF).

Lean Sigma Service Champion
Graduates of the 9-session, 3-week MMTC Lean Sigma Service Champion course will be equipped with the required knowledge and skills to begin guiding the Lean Sigma implementation in any service based organization. Through the completion of simulations, hands on discovery learning and between session assignments, the participants will repeatedly demonstrate their understanding of core curriculum concepts to become Lean Sigma Service Champions. Learn More (PDF).

Administrative Lean User Group
Manufacturers throughout West Michigan have used Lean tools to eliminate waste and recoup significant savings on the shop floor. In this user group, your company will learn how to use those same Lean principles and tools to reduce transaction time, increase information quality and flow in the front office. Learn More (PDF).

Lean for the Shop Floor User Group
This user group provides the tools supervisors and team leaders use to develop the production aspects of a Lean enterprise. Through shared learning with companies facing similar challenges, members develop and implement the leadership and Lean tools for improved decision making and process improvement. Learn More (PDF).